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Get More Customers by Using Google My Business in 2022

You must optimize your Google Business Profile in order to increase your customer base with Google My Business in 2022. Here are several quick and simple methods for doing that.

What is GMB, also known as Google Business Profile or Google My Business?

A free business listing from Google is the Google Business Profile. You can include contact details, websites, other intro, information and images about your company, location, offerings, and goods. A smart strategy to boost your presence across Google services is to create this free profile. Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping may display data from your Google Business Profile.

Only firms that interact with customers can create a Google Business Profile. Both companies that have a physical presence (such a restaurant or store) and those that offer services by meeting with clients somewhere fall under this category (like consultants or plumbers). You must stick to other Google tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics if your company solely operates online.

Get More Customers by Using Google My Business
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Why a Google My Business account is necessary?

1. Find or discover in Google and Google Maps

Google is the best search referrer, regardless of whether you’re searching for web or foot traffic. A Google Business Profile makes it more likely that customers will find your company when looking for similar goods and services in their neighbourhood.

Searchers can find your business by using the information on your Google My Business listing. Additionally, a Google Business Profile helps your local SEO. In particular, when customers use Google Maps to search for nearby businesses, a listing for a local business is more likely to show up.

2. Manage the information for your online business.

You may manage and change your contact information, company hours, and other crucial information as necessary in your Google My Business profile.

You can utilize updates to announce service expansion, temporary closures, or full reopening (an especially useful feature during emergencies like COVID-19). Because Google Business Profiles have effective local SEO, the data you give will rank above external websites that might contain outdated information.

3. Create trust by reading reviews

Reviews are a crucial component of social proof and a significant approach to increase credibility and trust. Customers can contribute as much or as little information about their interactions with your company as they’d like thanks to Google’s combination of star ratings and space for in-depth evaluations. All of it aids current and potential customers in choosing which establishments to visit and what goods to purchase.

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Steps to set up a GMB - Google Business Profile

  • Step #1: Sign in to Google Business Profile Manager in step one.
  • Step #2: Include your company.
  • Step #3: Identify your location.
  • Step #4: Enter your contact details.
  • Step #5: Confirm your company.
  • Step #6: Customize your profile and finalize.
How to improve or optimize Google My Business profile

Google bases its local search ranking on the following three variables:

  • Relevance: How well a search matches your Google My Business listing.
  • Distance: The separation between your location and the searcher or search.
  • Popularity: How well-known is your company? (Based on factors like links, number of reviews, review score, and SEO).

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